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About album


Our first, one and only, full-sized, hard-worked album! All of 2020, we have been working hard on new material. We finally finished all the songs to complete the album and are ready to start recording. There's only one problem: money, money, money... 

Realising this project is expensive and due to covid-19 our shows, and therefore our few sources of income, have been cancelled. That's why we are asking for your help to make our dream a reality.


Donate or pre-order the album! By donating or pre-ordering one of the packages below, you contribute to the recording, producing and pressing process of our album. We expect to receive the vinyl in august. If pre-ordered, you will receive the physical copy two weeks before the official release to make sure you are the first to hear it. For more information about the use of your money, see the elucidation.


Drop that album! In March we entered the studio to start recording with producer Matthijs Kievitt (Studio Joneski). April and May were reserved for the mixing and mastering of the takes. With the whole package complete, we send the content to the vinyl pressing company. This means, we will receive the physical copies by the end of October, if all proceeds as planned. After some final preparation, we can release the album. For more information about the timeline of our plans, see the elucidation.





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